JC Stylles groovin at Smalls jazz Club NYC

Mid July.

Headed down to ‘Smalls’ jazz club to catch a fine set of music by non other than Aussie ex-pat guitarist JC Stylles (Jason Campbell). A trio setting that included Lawrence leathers on drums and Kyle Koehler “The PitBull of Groove” on Hammond B3.

This group swung hard. Much in the style of Wes Montgomery etc….the whole club was bopping right from the first tune.. Really, everybody was boppin’ their heads to the groove of this fine trio.

The trio set the scene for the jam session afterwards. Was a pleasure playing with these fine musicians.

Also great chatting to JC Styles.

One of my favourite gig so far.




Jerry Bergonzi plays at Shapeshifter

July 18.

Had the fortunate pleasure of catching the Legendary Saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi play live at a gig in Brooklyn.

He was the hired gun in a quartet of Danish musicians that were touring the USA as part of a funded project.

Not only was the setting intimate, the crowd small, the playing extraordinary, we also had the pleasure of meeting and chatting to Jerry after the set.

Jerry Bergonzi is such a down to earth and funny guy. He has no ego. Jerry was alway positive. I thanked him for producing his line of books and DVDs which have been not only inspiring to me but to many a saxophonist.

Jerry shared a few insights into his saxophone inventory, and shed a few tips on intonation on old American horns.

What an inspiring night. Great to meet Jerry, an idol in the world of jazz improvisation.

Jerry Bergonzi – Sax
Carl Winther – Piano
Johnny Aman – Bass
Anders Mogensen – Drums



Jamming in Central Park

Mid July.

Met a wonderful, friendly, chilled out bass player here in New York, Seth Meyers.

Mark Lockett, Seth and I hit it off.

After mark got his newly a whites fully portable drum set, we were all set to have a few jams.

What better place than Central Park. A beautiful Sunny Sunday.

Lots of fun had by all.
I found the locals extremely appreciative of the live jazz, perhaps that’s because New York is the home of jazz. Anyways, as a jazz artist I feel welcomed.

Must mention the random guy that asked if he could jam with us….he was feeling down on his luck, and wanted some positive vibes.

“What do you play?”
“Oh, I’ve got an alto clarinet in my backpack!!!” (What are the odds on that)

Anyway included a pic….

Happy Times.









Cubana Social

Early July,

Headed down “Cubana Social”, a great Cuban bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Wanted to hear the wonderful Flutist Itai Kriss play with a Latin group.

After enjoying a few happy hour cocktails with my buddy…..(the peppery beer tasting cocktail definitely not recommended), I was able to join the group on saxophone for a set of music.

Fun Times.









Katz Delicatassen

Early July,

Went to have breakfast with a select group of Aussies at the famous diner Katz Delicatessen. Famous for the “Harry met Sally” Orgasm scene.

Although the deli has been in operation since the 1800’s, it seems their ordering system is also stuck in the 1800’s.

Only sit here if you want table service….
Sit here if you want to help yourself…..
Order here if you want burgers….
No, you order pancakes down the other counter……
Oh, you want sweet pancakes not potatoes pancakes? You gotta order that at the other counter….
Once you got your pancake you gotta go down the other counter to get you fries that come with it……

OH my God….I give up!

Give me the table Service!!!

“What do you have for vegetarians?”
“We don’t have much for you people, oh we do have a tuna sandwich!”

Pancakes were good, the ordering system is the most confusing I have ever experienced. I wonder why people would go back?

Oh, don’t lose your blue ticket or you’ll be charged $50….





Paul Van Ross plays with Roy Hargrove

Headed down to Smalls jazz club in the ‘Village’. The club operates an afternoon and late night jam session everyday of the week!!!

The legendary trumpet maestro Roy Hargrove sat in each night after his gig at the Village Vanguard.

I was extremely fortunate to play with him at the jam…….His attire was definitely individual (pink shirt, white pants, white runners, complete with backpack with smiley face), and his soloing on flugelhorn was quiet with perfectly flowing lines.