Paul Van Ross mixes the Cuban Album

22 November.

Spent the day in studio with Tristan Ludowyk of Hope Street records.

Tristan’s attention to detail perfect for re mixing the recent Cuban Album I recorded in Havana with many famous musicians:

Paul Van Ross – tenor sax & flute

Changuito – timbales

Yoraldy Abreu Robles – conga, shekere, shaker, guiro

Alejandro Falcon – piano

Jorge Aragon – piano

Gaston Joya Perellada – double bass

Oliver Valdes – drums


One step closer.



Cumbia Cumbia Cumbia

September 27. Berlin.

Another day in Berlin, another 2 gigs!

Busy night tonight. Two gigs 11pm & 1am. Had offered to join the Cumbian band on flute. The regular sax player George (great musician) had printed a book of charts for me to read.

First venue was in an artist compound. Lots of fun. We were support for an African band. Appreciative audience.

No time to mess around. Straight to our next gig. This place was like an underground venue….out the back of a building, through a few winding corridors (think of Spinal Tap). Actually this venue was like something you would see in a French Art House movie.

Great sound on stage, stoned audience, guest singers, wonderful band and to top it all off…..game of piñata!!!! Yes, I’m sure a few Australian health and safety rules were broken.

Phew, what a night.

Fun Times.