Paul Van Ross trio residency at Ruby’s music room

January February 2014.

2014 brought with it a new opportunity to play with my new trio.

Ruby’s music room located in central Melbourne was the perfect place. Acoustically designed, sound proof room, Steinway D piano.

With Kain Borlase on bass and Aaron McCoullough on drums we began our residency.

I’m excited to begin presenting classic jazz repertoire and original compositions on this gig.

Good times.





Paul Van Ross with Carlitos Way

February 2014.

Had the privilege to play with the great Melbourne based Latin band “Carlitos Way”.

Also a pleasure to work along side Damien Maughan the great trumpet master.

A fortunate car pool with the beautiful latino ladies in the band Elizabeth (bass) and Romy (keys) enabled a bit of Spanish practice…..I’m sure they got some entertainment value from my pronunciation 🙂






Jazz at La Niche cafe

February 2014.

La Niche cafe is a wonderful French cafe in smith st Fitzroy. The owner follows a european tradition and loves live music ….. oh and occasionally sings.

Always a pleasure playing at la Niche. The food is delicious, the atmosphere welcoming……. Just read the writing in the window!!




ClaveMania with Paul Van Ross

January 2014.

One of my recent exciting collaborations has been joining forces (musically) with the Newly formed Latin band “ClaveMania”.

I joined them in a month residency in Melbourne town. Such a pleasure to be playing original Latin music with two wonderful percussionists using cajon, bata drums, timbales, and many other hand percussion.

Also a great opportunity for me to get reacquainted with my soprano saxophone.

Jonathan Cohen – piano
Elizabeth Obando – Bass
Toby Bender – drums, percussion
Rodolfo Hecheverria Panga – percussion
Paul Van Ross – flute & saxophone

Happy times….and hot weather. Never sweated so much on a gig (40 degrees C).






Paul Van Ross trio livens up Lygon st

Late January 2014.

Warm weather? Holiday time?

What better way to spend it……jamming in Lygon st in a jazz trio.!!!!

Grabbed two of my best musician friends, Mark Lockett (drums visiting from New York) and Kain Borlase (bass) and set up on beautiful Lygon St Carlton to play some tunes and get a smile out of the locals.

Melbourne put on a gorgeous 30 degree day.

I was surprised at the amount of people that stopped and children who were mesmerised by the instruments and music.

We made one senior citizens day (she must have been 70+ years old) when she requested “just friends”. I got a feeling she never heard it being played so fast.

We had such a great time….we played again a couple of days later 🙂

Great summer time!




Saxophone maintenance

January 2014.

Holiday Project – repair and clean saxophone.

Well finally it was time. The dirt, grime, and filth had built up enough on my 1933 conn Chu Berry Tenor sax.

People would often joke say “about time you polish the sax”….I just put it down to the fact the horn had no lacquer and would oxidise quickly….

But on closer inspection, IT WAS FILTHY – Obviously contributing to my dirty horn lines.

Took about 2-3 days to clean the beautiful lady….. But all the leaks are gone, along with an immense amount of grime…

She polished up well too!!!
Just like new again.

Of course it plays better too.

So happy with the job….I cleaned the alto sax too….and removed leaks in the soprano and baritone too.

Phew, maintenance done for a while….I hope!!!