Help me donate $1000 to a music charity in Rwanda

Help Me Donate $1000 to a music charity in Rwanda.
In late 2013 I recorded an album in Havana, Cuba, with some of the greatest musicians in the world.

The Album “Mi Alma Cubana – My Cuban Soul” is set for release later this year and is one of the highlights of my career.

You can download a Track FREE.


If I get:

200 downloads – I will donate $100
400 downloads – I will donate $200
600 downloads – I will donate $300
800 downloads – I will donate $400
1000 downloads – I will donate $500
1500+ downloads – I will donate $1000

My donation will go to a Music Charity in Rwanda to assist young people in need of the powers of music.

Some extremely talented friends of mine in Berlin started Music Road Rwanda, a grass roots music charity directed by a husband wife team Martin Helmchen (piano soloist with the Berlin, London and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestras), and Marie Elisabeth Hecker (won the Rostropovich Cello Competition 2005). They are both professional classical musicians of international standard and frequently organise fund raising concerts to support their charity.

Members of their team travel regularly to Rwanda to assist the only music school in the country, the “Kigali Music School”. Currently there are approximately 75 orphans and 35 adults that learn at the school.

As a result of the genocide in 1994 there are very few musicians left in the country and many of the victims have utilized the power of music to change their lives.

“Music Road Rwanda” promotes the development of musical involvement on several levels.These include:

training for music teachers
public concerts
music therapy
concerts in orphanages and for widows (in cooperation with various humanitarian aid programs)
classes for church musicians, incorporating traditional instruments
networking with local musicians
My great friend and trumpeter Greg Ambroisine (Aus) has spent some time in Rwanda with the charity.