Let the Cubans Loose…

July 2014.

Let the Cubans loose…….

Well that’s what it felt like I’d done when I let some of the greatest Cuban musicians loose in the studio in Havana, Cuba in late 2013.

And, I’m truly thankful too. A fascinating recording is on it’s way.
By not constricting these wonderful musicians too much I had hoped to allow them more creativity and expression in the music making.


You can get an idea of their playful energy and general craziness on this video…..especially at the end.

Let the Cubans loose…



ClaveMania play 21st Birthday

June 8, 2014.

Not your typical 21st birthday party.
Venue: Paris Cat jazz Club
Band: ClaveMania
Theme: French colours

A sensational gathering of young intellectuals with a sense of humour.

Very happy with the band performance. Our focus, apart from having a great time, was to play softer with the same simmering energy. After tweaking the PA (which had been masterly tampered with) we successfully entertained the party goers and created some wonderful music at the same time.

A great end to the weekend. Look forward to playing again at open Studio on Friday.

Very glad to catch up with the mother of 21st celebrant early in the night, as alcohol would have made conversation tricky later in the night.

Many thanks to:

Jonathan Cohen – piano
Elizabeth Obando – bass
Damien Ellis – drums
Rodolfo Hachaverria Panga – percussion

Love this band.







Paul Van Ross Trio hit castlemaine Jazz festival

June 7 & 8, 2014.

I took the PVR trio to perform at the first ever Castlemaine Jazz festival. We had three gigs over 26hours, and I was determined to have a great time and show the locals some higher level playing.

What I didn’t realise is that we were the headline act. My good friend and photographer, Michael Teo, had received a call earlier in the week to request the use of one his photos of me playing saxophone for use in the local newspaper.

All three gigs were extremely well attended, audiences loved the chordless trio, a few CDs exchanged hands, and perhaps more importantly my trio helped create a “BUZZ” for the festival.

The weekend was a great mix of jamming, wonderful local hospitality, good coffee (actually YES), maximum use of minimal set up time, and a hilarious catch up with the legendary violinist Nigel MacLean (who explained in detail that “women are on a different trajectory”).

A great country town and successful festival. Look forward to going again soon.

Many thanks to Aaron McCoullough & Daigo Nakai.