Press Quotes & Publicity Photos (below)

“On ballads, (Paul) could wring a tear from a walnut and when playing uptempo he navigates the terrain with ease. His compositions are engaging.” – John Fenton

“There is something different about tenor players who have studied under Garzone and Paul fits that bill. His rapid fire lines and fluidity never obscure the musical ideas that flow from his horn.” – John Fenton

“This is a wonderful example of the creative musical energy of Australian musicians and especially the younger generations who, while respecting the tradition of the older jazz players, are pushing into the future.” – Dr Tony Gould

“Hard fast and exciting playing…with great ideas….that’s what I like about Paul Van Ross and his music…check him out.” – George Garzone

“As a composer, Van Ross has a strong musical palette that’s rooted in traditional swing and progressive cool, where a track such as the poetic ballad Uncle DJ, is as tight-knit as chainmail with the elasicity of Lycra, while there’s a touch of the Crusaders and early period George Benson in the Sam Rivers-inspired Off With The Fairies.” – Mike Alexander

“Lockett’s sublime sticking and Van Ross’ fluid interpretations emit a glow that lasts for days.” – Jim Santella, Cadence

“Tenor saxophonist Paul Van Ross provides this session with a remarkably fluid presence that floats smoothly around the room.” – Jim Santella, Cadence

“This quartet takes a look a little deeper into what drives the music: soul.” – Jim Santella, Cadence

“Motion and emotion: they compliment each other here, as the quartet delivers a highly recommended session.” – Jim Santella, Cadence

“Off the Beam…. in which Van Ross shone on tenor sax…. Van Ross on soprano sax was another highlight…. and standout soprano sax by Van Ross… with sax surges extending out into deep runs as the piece developed a nice head of swing (or steam). Again, the band was tight and right on the money.” – Roger Mitchell

Publicity Photos – Hi Res

Paul Van Ross with Cubans

Paul Van Ross with Cuban musicians (Havana)


Paul Van Ross Latin Project 300dpi

Paul Van Ross with ClaveMania

Paul Van Ross 12 October 2013-2   Paul Van Ross 12 October 2013-1Paul Van Ross 12 October 2013-11




Paul Van Ross 12 October 2013-14 Paul Van Ross 12 October 2013-15






Paul Van Ross_hardware lane_1

Paul Van Ross_doorway_bluish














Publicity Photos – Low Res

Paul Van Ross 12 October 2013-2Paul Van Ross 12 October 2013-1Paul Van Ross 12 October 2013-11



Paul Van Ross 12 October 2013-15Paul Van Ross 12 October 2013-14












Paul Van Ross_tenor_sit_bw-600Paul Van Ross @ Hardware Lane