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Mi Alma Cubana – My Cuban Soul


In September 2013 I made one of my dreams come true.

I recorded an album of original compositions in Cuba, with elite Cuban musicians, in the famed EGREM studios (where Buena Vista Social Club was recorded).


After three days rehearsing and 2 days recording the album was done (well recorded anyway). The recorded music and experience is undoubtedly one of the highlights of my career as a musician.

The Cuban musicians were a lot of fun to work with. They managed to balance intense laughter with serious music making. It was their priority to make the music sound incredible.

I’d love to share the experience with you….

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9 Editing the Album

All Star Line Up featuring:

Paul Van Ross   –   tenor sax & flute
The Great Changuito (José Luis Quintana)   –   timbales from Los Van Van, Cal Tjader, Maraca
Yoraldy Abreu Robles  –   conga, shekere, shaker, guiro from Irakere and Chucho Valdes
Alejandro Falcon   –   piano from Maraca
Jorge Aragon  –   piano
Angel Gaston Joya Perellada   –   double bass from Chucho Valdes
Oliver Valdes   –   drums worked with Isaac Delgado, Ibrahim Ferrer

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