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Get Sorted

Title : Get Sorted
Release Date : March 10, 2008
Format : CD

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[mp3j track=”Blues For The Now@www.paulvanross.com/audio/getsorted/blues_for_now.mp3″ flip=”y”] [mp3j track=”The Possum Strut@www.paulvanross.com/audio/getsorted/possum.mp3″ flip=”y”] [mp3j track=”Three & More@www.paulvanross.com/audio/getsorted/three_and_more.mp3″ flip=”y”] [mp3j track=”Get Sorted@www.paulvanross.com/audio/getsorted/get_sorted.mp3″ flip=”y”] [mp3j track=”Tango for H@www.paulvanross.com/audio/getsorted/tango.mp3″ flip=”y”] [mp3j track=”Eternal Beauty@www.paulvanross.com/audio/getsorted/eternal.mp3″ flip=”y”] [mp3j track=”Vertigo@www.paulvanross.com/audio/getsorted/vertigo.mp3″ flip=”y”]

Paul Van Ross – saxophones
Kim Kelaart – hammond B3 organ
Stephen Magnusson – guitar
Mark Lockett – drums


“On more than half of these all-original compositions, the works of such Blue Note stalwarts as Wayne Shorter, Hank Mobley and Junior Cook shine a mighty light on the path trod by this much younger generation of Australian musicians.

No slavish copyist, Paul uses their inspiration to find his own way forward. He has taken the best of yesterday and then given us a satisfying peek into the future……
“Subjectively, some CD highlights:

Blues For The Now features masterful interplay between Paul and Stephen;

Possum Strut is a frisky, clever and highly original Australian composition that has standard written all over it;

Three and More exposes us to Paul’s fine (and mercifully in-tune) soprano playing in a very contemporary mood;

title track Get Sorted offers an insistent and tense theme which would work to perfection as the score for a movie thriller;

Skin Thing is soulful plus, a loving throwback in spirit to the ‘Wes Montgomery meets a great sax player’ releases of the ‘60s;

and Tango For ‘H’ is the real thing, a delightful Buenos Aires-style interlude amongst all the soul.”..

Steve Robertson. Host of PBS-FM’s Jazz On Saturday

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