3rd rehearsal in Cuba

September 4.

3rd rehearsal day with my Cuban Band.

Day went very well. The addition of drum kit and some decent sounding cymbals is wonderful.

The Cuban musicians are sounding awesome together. They are quite complimentary of my tunes, memorise them in a second and all have chops to burn. They’re a fun bunch of guys, always joking and laughing, but getting down to business when needed. The band keep find hip Cuban rhythms to add to my music.

Changuito & Gaston had a brief play on drum set, damn, they can both play kit too.

Found out pianist Alejandro Falcon played with the one of my favourite Latin bands, “Maraca” for 5 years.

The Cubans are enjoying the fact that I also love to joke with Changuito, as he often makes a laugh of others. I have no qualms about giving it back. He always gets a laugh.

At end of the day all the instruments were moved into allocated booths in preparation for recording. I didn’t want to waste any valuable recording time moving instruments. There was objection from Changuito about be separated, he preferred to record all in the main space. Anyway, the other musicians and recording engineer convinced him this was the best way.

Can’t wait till we start recording tomorrow.

10am Record time!

– Today I corrected English homework for a Young teenage Cuban Girl.
– You can buy a delicious hot chocolate for 55c, a can of soda for 50c, and a cheese pizza for 10c.




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