Chilean festival in Berlin

September 21. Berlin.

After a 6 hours train journey from Amsterdam I finally arrived in Berlin.

Was excited to catch up with my old friend Greg who now lived in Berlin.

Being a trumpet player, Greg and I used to perform together a lot in Melbourne in days gone by. Funny how things work, because within 4 hours of arriving in Berlin I was on stage with Greg playing in a Cumbia band at the local Chilean Festival.

The party vibe was ON. Festival was in a big top tent and people were dancing and partying hard. I’ve never danced so much Cumbia in my life, but a great mix of new friends and partying atmosphere made it a memorable night.

Very funny that Upon arriving in Germany the first language I needed to speak was……Spanish!!! Good thing too, as I’d just been in Cuba for a few weeks, my Spanish was ordinary and my German was non existent!!!!

The band were a bit like Chilean rock stars!!! The crowd couldn’t get enough.

Wow, what a welcome party to Berlin.






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