Cold chocolate in Havana

September 9. Cuba.

Good news. A flute teacher has been organised for tomorrow. I get to study the Charanga style of flute in my final week here 🙂

Free day today. Spent the morning being a tourist in Havana. Walked around the main sights and monuments. Had lunch catered for by a fellow Aussie, was great to have a change in cuisine. Evening was spent back at EGREM studios with fellow Aussie, Nui, recording some sax and flute on one of his tracks. he also made use of the recording tome to do some recording of a bata group and put down a Spanish rap over his track.

Not a day goes by without being ‘pssst’ at. It’s both a way of getting your attention and saying I’m interested in you……Its quick to figure out the which one.

So today One man offered me:

“A taxi,
The best Cuban cigar,
A woman……..
Coccaine??? ” now that’s a first!”

Also met a local Cuban taking photos of monuments. He was a restauranteur, very friendly and interested in what I was doing….no strings attached.

Cold glass of chocolate drink…..delightful on such a stinking day 🙂


– Cubans don’t have individual rubbish bins for their house. They take the garbage down the street and put it in designated huge dumpster bins. I guess this is easier work for the garbage truck.
– anytime is a good time to play dominos or draughts in the middle of the street.



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