Cuba happenings 2

September 1.

Changuito came over to hang, hes been listening to the cd demo i gave him intently. He has suggested altering a couple of rhythms in my tunes in order to “cubanify” them. He’s excited about the project.

Met pianist, “Alex” who is to be on my cd, gave him all the charts and a cd with sample audio on. Damn good thing a was given the extra printer paper yesterday, it came in handy making extra copies of the sheet music today.

Alex has a busy week this week and can probably only join us for half of rehearsals so we have 2 pianists booked to play.

Many thanks to the Aussie who gave Jacinto a printer with a copy function!

5 guys replacing the lock on the screen door at Jacinto’s place. 4 supervisors and 1 worker…..angle grinder in use with absolutely no protection??? Australian Work safety would have a field day in CUBA.

Another amazing storm at 4pm.


– Cubans like to turn off
The power to all appliances when there is a storm just like my parents
– always watch out above when walking the streets, you never know when a bucket of water is going to be thrown from above!!




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