Final day in Cuba

September 17. Cuba.

Last day in CUBA.

Catching an 8am bus from Havana to Veradero which is where my flight leaves from. It’s a 2 hour trip for $10 (the same cost as a taxi from my apartment to the bus station). My flight departs at 4pm. I guess I’ll have to imaginative with my spare time. Maybe hit the beach?

Mixed feelings. Has been amazing working and recording with arguably the best musicians in Cuba. Have enjoyed learning flute with Evelyn, she was also great to hang out with (I think she wanted the English practice). Didn’t improve my dancing.

Glad to escape the diesel fumes and shifty ways the locals make extra money.

Enjoyed the hospitality and friendly nature of the Real Cubans. Made some great new friends.

So, the customs officer’s name was “Inspector Die”, really. I had reservations about standing at hus cubicle. They had a problem with my passport. Had to wait 15mins, then got probed with questions. Where you are you from? Are you from germany? You came to Cuba in 2009. What is your job? Eventually they let me out.

Transiting in Cancun, Mexico. Immigration wouldn’t let 8 passengers into the country from our plane. Had a huge delay whilst the authorities gave them written reasons why (as insisted by passengers). Delays for all!

– guy trimming the grass edging on the footpath with elbow grease using a huge machete. 7am.
– it’s necessary to drive use all lanes of the road in order to dodge potholes.
– man practising trombone on the Malecon 8.30am.
– Cubans love to paint walls. There’s no preparation necessary, just paint straight over the top of the layers of dirt that exists.
– signals at railways crossings don’t work….


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