Fred Hersh trio? At Village Vanguard

28 July Sunday.

Today was the final day available to check out Fred Hersch trio at the Village Vanguard.

It had been a typical Melbourne weather day here in New York….but I was looking forward to seeing the trio with special Guest Joe Lovano on sax.

Caught up with Sam Izzo and lined up outside the Vanguard ( in the rain), as we had no reservation. Damn, all booked out….our only option was to come back for the 10.30pm show….fingers crossed.

As luck would have it we were the first in the waiting queue. A pleasant surprise was bumping into the brilliant NZ pianist Jonathan Crayford who joined us for the gig.

We made it in to the club…..just. Although sitting way down the back, we could still hear the band well. I had forgotten what a great club the Vanguard was.

Anyways, the band was spectacular, many great arrangements, much interaction, no overplaying, perfect balance and complimentary sounds all combined to make it a memorable gig.

Wonderful piano playing by the great Fred Hersch. Lushess moving chords and harmonies showed what a true master he is. Must mention the splendid arrangement of Monk tune “Bemsha Swing” which had the left hand of the piano and bass echoing the melody line of the horn.

Spectacular gig, made even more so considering the illness that Fred has been through in recent years.

see about Fred Hersch illness


Fred Hersch – piano
Joe Lovano – tenor sax
John Hebert – bass
Eric McPherson – drums


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