Havana update

August 28.

Today, we had plans to meet to great Cuban Flutist, Jose Luis Cortes. Due to his busy recording schedule this week it was postponed.

After having a well earned sleep in, I spent a few hours over brunch practising my Spanish with Jacinto’s wife and the maid. We had many laughs And thanks to my handy phrase book I even managed to tell a few stories in broken Spanish 🙂

Afterwards I went in search of an ATM and spent the next 3 hours walking around Havana. I’m sure I lost a few kgs. ATM’s didn’t like my Visa card (Aus post travel card), and reject every amount of $ I tried to withdraw. It seems that the banks have monopolised a 3% commission on all ATM withdrawals. So withdrawing $800 CUC will incur a USD$24 fee.

Plan B is to try at the counter in Hotel Nacional. Tomorrow.

Bought a map of Havana.

Tomorrow I meet at noon with the band for my recording to discuss arrangements and plans.

The man that runs my casa particular (B&B) spends a LOT of time watching TV.
Cuban woman have attitude a la
Today I was asked in sequence….
“Hello my friend…..
Where are you from…..
You want two Cuban woman….?”

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