Jerry Bergonzi plays at Shapeshifter

July 18.

Had the fortunate pleasure of catching the Legendary Saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi play live at a gig in Brooklyn.

He was the hired gun in a quartet of Danish musicians that were touring the USA as part of a funded project.

Not only was the setting intimate, the crowd small, the playing extraordinary, we also had the pleasure of meeting and chatting to Jerry after the set.

Jerry Bergonzi is such a down to earth and funny guy. He has no ego. Jerry was alway positive. I thanked him for producing his line of books and DVDs which have been not only inspiring to me but to many a saxophonist.

Jerry shared a few insights into his saxophone inventory, and shed a few tips on intonation on old American horns.

What an inspiring night. Great to meet Jerry, an idol in the world of jazz improvisation.

Jerry Bergonzi – Sax
Carl Winther – Piano
Johnny Aman – Bass
Anders Mogensen – Drums


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