Katz Delicatassen

Early July,

Went to have breakfast with a select group of Aussies at the famous diner Katz Delicatessen. Famous for the “Harry met Sally” Orgasm scene.

Although the deli has been in operation since the 1800’s, it seems their ordering system is also stuck in the 1800’s.

Only sit here if you want table service….
Sit here if you want to help yourself…..
Order here if you want burgers….
No, you order pancakes down the other counter……
Oh, you want sweet pancakes not potatoes pancakes? You gotta order that at the other counter….
Once you got your pancake you gotta go down the other counter to get you fries that come with it……

OH my God….I give up!

Give me the table Service!!!

“What do you have for vegetarians?”
“We don’t have much for you people, oh we do have a tuna sandwich!”

Pancakes were good, the ordering system is the most confusing I have ever experienced. I wonder why people would go back?

Oh, don’t lose your blue ticket or you’ll be charged $50….




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