Paul Van Ross has flute lessons in Cuba

September 10. Cuba.

Had a great flute class with Evelyn. She’s showing me the roots of Cuban flute music in Danson & Charanga. She’s quite a character and we often share ideas. Her English is very understandable and I think that studying with her will be great. She’s performed on TV a lot here. She is good friends with the pianist I recorded with last week Alejandro Falcon (amazing).

Spent the day practising. Then went to Changuitos house with friend Nui, to say good bye, have a drink of rum, meet the family and take a few photos.

In the evening we went out for dinner. Fellow Aussie ‘Nui’ is leaving tomorrow. Had a fun drink with local Bata player from Chucho Valdes’ band and his amigo…..they are so funny. Hard to pass up a Piña Colada for US$1.25 so I had two or three or was it four???

We joked about the cafe in which we were drinking as it had pink painted walls with decor from 1960’s. we dubbed it ‘the pink panther’.

I find it so ironic because most Cubans are famous for dressing so well, yet the decor and buildings here are exact up the opposite….no style (or completely retro).



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