Paul Van Ross meets Marvin Bugalu Smith

August 19.

Took the Hudson River Line train to Cold Spring today.

Was invited by Rob Scheps to come meet and play with the great drummer Marvin Bugalu Smith.u

What a day it was.

I mean I didn’t really know much about Marvin, but it turns out he played with Archie Shepp, Sun Ra and countless other famous people. Also studied with Max Roach, Elvin Jones and?

Marvin, let’s say is a senior citizen with more energy than two teenagers hitting the drums.

His lounge room is converted into a studio with drum set and microphones for visitors….. He records his jam sessions. What a great hobby.

We jammed for about 3-4hours. 2 saxophones and drums. Had a great hang.

Today Cedar Walton passed over to the other side….. We played a tribute “Bolivia”.( well Rob and Marvin did…. I thought I’d let the masters have the stage for a tribute to Cedar).

Thanks Marvin and Rob.

Rob Scheps played soprano today. I think he has the fattest soprano sound and groove. Check it out on the


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