Paul Van Ross Records day 1 in Cuba

September 5.

Recording Day 1.

I had a total of eight hours booked for recording, spread over 2 days.

My goal was to record as much as possible in the first day, with touch ups on the 2nd day……luckily things worked out in my favour.

Today went really well, managed to record all 7 tracks that I wanted, with a few versions of each. The musicians are always very professional when playing, although sometimes hard to get to shut up (they love to talk, joke, and play).

They’re we’re many wonderful musical moments, the musicians giving the music the utmost importance, especially when it came down to finer details. Often drop ins were performed to fix the tiniest mistake.

Often I would find myself listening and waiting as the Cubans sorted out any changes they wanted, then I would get the translation last.

Often the percussionists would be very particular about certain rhythmic hits. Perfectionists.

At the end of the day Gaston (bass) asked whether I was going to recorded a Cuban song. It’s something that I had thought about the day before. He mentioned a couple that would be easy. We decided to try one tomorrow and see how we go.

I made sure I got a copy of all the audio and session files on my hard drive before I left the studio at end of day. Always good to be careful. As Mike, the engineer in New York said “you never know if a disaster may hit the studio overnight, grab a backup”.

The audio Cd the studio gave me in order to listen to the tracks had only percussion parts on it…..aaaargh! This would have been handybif were to start mixing tomorrow, especially considering we are to record for only 2 hours in the morning. Should have checked before I left studio. Can grab a copy tomorrow of everything recorded.

In the evening I joined the drummer, Oliver Valdes, at Cafe Miramar to jam with the band tonight. A few jazz standards, some Stevie Wonder. Had a fun time. Great guitarist and trumpet player.








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