Paul Van Ross records day 2 in Cuba

September 6.

Recording Day 2.

So basically today we needed to do an extra take of one track and try the allocated Cuban Song. Some extra percussion was also added by Yaroldy to one track with an Afro Cuban 6/8 section (sounds awesome).

I discussed with Alejandro (piano) and Gaston (bass) that if we did a Cuban track, I would want it to be ‘different’. “La Negra Tomasa” was suggested and Alejandro wrote out some alternate changes for the melody section and woohoo!

Trying to get the Cubans together in order to take a group photo was next to impossible, but got it eventually.

Offered a haircut by the assistant sound engineer Roberto.

Was a bit of a manic day today. Trying to organise finances, book the studio for mixing, getting a band photo, going to the bank, the recording, etc, I’m glad I didn’t organise any mixing to start today!

After waiting to back up files, I eventually Got home about 4:30pm after what was supposed to be a 2 hour work day.

Managed to borrow friends laptop to listen to the recordings made over last 2 days….Very happy. This band is happening. Apparently Changuito was very particular (behind the scenes) in sorting out which musicians would be working on my project.

Went to jam with some of the band again at cafe Miramar. The musicians very quickly treated me like one of their own. Quite often during the recording session they would often be impressed with some of the Latin rhythms that I would play on my horns. They would remark that I’m a little Cubano.
Met and played with Cuban saxophonist Carlos Miyares.








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