Paul Van Ross trio livens up Lygon st

Late January 2014.

Warm weather? Holiday time?

What better way to spend it……jamming in Lygon st in a jazz trio.!!!!

Grabbed two of my best musician friends, Mark Lockett (drums visiting from New York) and Kain Borlase (bass) and set up on beautiful Lygon St Carlton to play some tunes and get a smile out of the locals.

Melbourne put on a gorgeous 30 degree day.

I was surprised at the amount of people that stopped and children who were mesmerised by the instruments and music.

We made one senior citizens day (she must have been 70+ years old) when she requested “just friends”. I got a feeling she never heard it being played so fast.

We had such a great time….we played again a couple of days later 🙂

Great summer time!



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