Second day in Berlin = Second gig in Berlin

September 22. Berlin.

Sunday. After a sensational nights sleep I woke to buddy Greg saying Good Morning…..”I think we may have another gig today”.

What? I’ve only been here 12 hours.

Well, yes we did end up having another gig. You see, Greg’s friend Martin (an amazing classical pianist) was supposed to have a performance this afternoon in his home town…..a performance with an actor, playing accompanying music.

It turns out Martin was stuck in Brussels due to flight delays, had called all the classical pianists he knew ( with no luck) and…..Greg was his last resort ….

So Greg seized the opportunity to do the gig as a duet with trumpet and saxophone (me).

After liasing with actor Christian Klischat we played some wonderful jazz standards as duets to suit the mood of the acting.

Fun times.

Got a ride to the gig, lunch provided , treated like royalty, got paid, given bunch of flowers at end of performance (first time for me). WOW, go Berlin.



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