Paul Van Ross visits Edelweiss club in Berlin

September 24. Berlin.

After a day of cycling around Berlin and checking out the Brandenburg gate I was keen to go to a jazz jam. I’d heard about one happening at “Edelweiss Club”.

A half hour cycle with a tenor sax ain’t so bad. It’s annoying when you get lost though, one wrong turn can equal a lot of backtracking!!

So after an hour riding, I finally found the place. IT WAS PUMPING!
The club was situated in a park area amongst a few other buildings and was Full of people. Also full of smokers, but apparently that’s Berlin.

The core band comprised piano, double bass, drums, congas. Guest soloists were a plenty at 11pm when I arrived including flute, alto flute, soprano sax, sopranino sax, and guitar. Both flute players had bug microphones.

After listening for a while I managed to make it to the front and play a few tunes…..
“What is this thing called love,
All the things you are…”

A very inviting scene, and extremely responsive audience.

Special mention to the soprano sax player in red who managed to drag on his cigarette between phrases in his solo!!!!

Jam got a blues blues and funky sometime later, but managed to accompany a vocalist on a bluesy number.

Had a great time, met some lovely people, cycled home at 2.30am.