ClaveMania play 21st Birthday

June 8, 2014.

Not your typical 21st birthday party.
Venue: Paris Cat jazz Club
Band: ClaveMania
Theme: French colours

A sensational gathering of young intellectuals with a sense of humour.

Very happy with the band performance. Our focus, apart from having a great time, was to play softer with the same simmering energy. After tweaking the PA (which had been masterly tampered with) we successfully entertained the party goers and created some wonderful music at the same time.

A great end to the weekend. Look forward to playing again at open Studio on Friday.

Very glad to catch up with the mother of 21st celebrant early in the night, as alcohol would have made conversation tricky later in the night.

Many thanks to:

Jonathan Cohen – piano
Elizabeth Obando – bass
Damien Ellis – drums
Rodolfo Hachaverria Panga – percussion

Love this band.







Paul Van Ross Latin Project @ Paris Cat Jazz Club

March 14.

Amazing gig at Paris cat tonight for the new Latin Project ensemble with ClaveMania.

This is a new direction in music for me. I wanted to create a local ensemble that could play my original compositions in the style I recorded in Cuba.

The newly formed group “ClaveMania” had just the line up I needed to do this.

A collaboration between myself and pianist Jonathon Cohen meant the concert would have a broad range of compositions.

I was delighted to assist in helping some of latin musician friends get their first jazz club performance.

I will never forget what a wonderful night it turned out to be. A full house set the stage for an electric atmosphere. It brought back some memories if recording in Cuba πŸ™‚

Paul Van Ross – saxophones / flute
Jonathan Cohen – piano
Elizabeth Obando – bass
Rodolfo β€œPanga” Hechavarria – percussion
Damien Ellis – drum set

Thanks for all your support.

Next gig @ Paris Cat May 23rd.









Paul Van Ross Cd Launch “The buck Stops here” @ Paris cat jazz Club

A sensational Cd launch at Paris Cat jazz Club for the release of my album “The Buck Stops Here”. Check the album out the buck stops here

Responsive crowd, amazing playing, and an electric atmosphere all combined to make it one of the highlight gigs of my life. Many thanks to all who have given their support.

The infamous George Garzone even says “hard, fast and exciting….with great ideas….that’s what I like about Paul Van Ross and his music….check him out”. Can’t thank him enough for his influence.

Fortunate to get some great photos on the night.