Colombia Tour with ClaveMania

July 2015.
It’s wonderful having musician friends that are originally from other countries.. Especially when they are going “home” to visit….which turns into a band tour. Yeah!

For most of the month of July, I spent time in the mountains of Colombia….Pasto to be exact, with my great friends Jonathan & Elizabeth Cohen. I was performing, teaching, doing TV interviews, practising my Spanish, and meeting lovely people.

Here’s a few highlights that made the tour special:

– jamming at the airport with a Colombian sax player

– recording in a studio

 – Teaching teenage saxophone students.
   – Teaching some jazz theory to the local sax players, including the professor at the university.

  – doing a TV interview…in two languages, I’m last (with Spanish overdubs)
– doing music TV program interview (don’t know why I look so drunk in this, I hadn’t touched any).
– adjudicating a local vocal competition…yes that’s right

 – visiting a few local sights.


    – learning how strong the local brew of “Aguardiente” is. 

   – trying to steal back my stage space from a budding 3 year old wanna be musician  

   – learning how delicious blackberry juice is(to expensive to make in Australia). 

   And generally having a great time with my friends.

Thanks Colombia for all the memories. Would love to come back soon.