Colombia Tour with ClaveMania

July 2015.
It’s wonderful having musician friends that are originally from other countries.. Especially when they are going “home” to visit….which turns into a band tour. Yeah!

For most of the month of July, I spent time in the mountains of Colombia….Pasto to be exact, with my great friends Jonathan & Elizabeth Cohen. I was performing, teaching, doing TV interviews, practising my Spanish, and meeting lovely people.

Here’s a few highlights that made the tour special:

– jamming at the airport with a Colombian sax player

– recording in a studio

 – Teaching teenage saxophone students.
   – Teaching some jazz theory to the local sax players, including the professor at the university.

  – doing a TV interview…in two languages, I’m last (with Spanish overdubs)
– doing music TV program interview (don’t know why I look so drunk in this, I hadn’t touched any).
– adjudicating a local vocal competition…yes that’s right

 – visiting a few local sights.


    – learning how strong the local brew of “Aguardiente” is. 

   – trying to steal back my stage space from a budding 3 year old wanna be musician  

   – learning how delicious blackberry juice is(to expensive to make in Australia). 

   And generally having a great time with my friends.

Thanks Colombia for all the memories. Would love to come back soon.   



ClaveMania with Paul Van Ross

January 2014.

One of my recent exciting collaborations has been joining forces (musically) with the Newly formed Latin band “ClaveMania”.

I joined them in a month residency in Melbourne town. Such a pleasure to be playing original Latin music with two wonderful percussionists using cajon, bata drums, timbales, and many other hand percussion.

Also a great opportunity for me to get reacquainted with my soprano saxophone.

Jonathan Cohen – piano
Elizabeth Obando – Bass
Toby Bender – drums, percussion
Rodolfo Hecheverria Panga – percussion
Paul Van Ross – flute & saxophone

Happy times….and hot weather. Never sweated so much on a gig (40 degrees C).






Paul Van Ross 2013 album launch New Zealand tour

Amazing start to “The buck stops here tour”….

Murphy’s law came into play with the hotel accommodation thinking that 2 could share one bed…..


Radio interview at RNZ then a Sensational first gig at the Auckland Creative Jazz Collective….

Many hands on deck to help load the Hammond B3, a wonderful welcoming atmosphere set the tone for optimum musical creativity with Alan Brown & Mark Lockett.

Many thanks to the incomparable Roger Manins & Caroline Moon.









Rained out & moved out gig at Melbourne festival

Melbourne’s typical weather took control of the Frankston Ventana street Fiesta this weekend.

Was looking forward to playing with ‘Santiago Son’ lead by Great Cuban singer/entertainer Jose Rodriguez.
A torrential downpour prior to the gig left organisers with no choice but to close the main stage due to health and safety. I arrived to find everybody packing up.

Luckily organisers had a groovy downstairs bar around the corner where the band could play. We had an attentive audience and were also entertained by some Tango dancers.

Great result saving a rained out festival into a cool gig.







Paul Van Ross Cd Launch “The buck Stops here” @ Paris cat jazz Club

A sensational Cd launch at Paris Cat jazz Club for the release of my album “The Buck Stops Here”. Check the album out the buck stops here

Responsive crowd, amazing playing, and an electric atmosphere all combined to make it one of the highlight gigs of my life. Many thanks to all who have given their support.

The infamous George Garzone even says “hard, fast and exciting….with great ideas….that’s what I like about Paul Van Ross and his music….check him out”. Can’t thank him enough for his influence.

Fortunate to get some great photos on the night.