Paul Van Ross records with ClaveMania

Late February 2014.

After many rehearsals and discussions finally the great day came.

The newly formed group CLAVEMANIA record in the studio.

Led by Jonathon Cohen this septet was set to record a whole album over a weekend in the old Atlantis recording studios in Port Melbourne.

The album features all original Latin music.

Was wonderful to be in the studio again with like minded musicians.


Jonathon Cohen – keyboard
Elizabeth Obando – E bass
Toby Bender – drum set / percussion
Rodolfo Hachaverria Panga – percussion
Lazaro Ernesto Numa Pompa – trumpet
Jack Beeche – Alto / tenor saxophone
Paul Van Ross – soprano / tenor saxophone & flute

Extra hand clapping with Tram Nguyen.

And funny thing was we bumped into drummer David Jones who was scouting the area for talent!!

Here’s a clip of the horns rehearsing a tango piece.






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