Quartet at Central Park

August 24.

Today marked 2 special occasions….my last lesson with the great flute teacher Keith Underwood, and, my last day jamming in Central Park.

Was particularly inspiring studying with Keith again, I had almost forgotteni how open he was to ALL things music, he constantly referring to classical players, jazz players, Cuban players, brass players etc.

Anyways lots learned, lots to practice.

Pic of Keith and I attached.

Headed straight to “the mall” in Central Park to play in the Seth Myers trio led by…….Seth Myers, also included myself and Mark Lockett. We had a good thing going, our trio was highly interactive and tight.

Today was an auspicious day as it was the first day that we had a demo CD available. People often asked if we had a cd….. So we made one.

Recorded in Seth’s apartment, came out very well. A great representation of our trio.

Much credit to Seth, his recording skills, mixing and editing skills, and design skills.

Was a great opportunity to play so often in the park over the summer, helped hone my jazz chops. Many memorable moments…..like today when Mark sat a 3/4 year old girl on the drum stool and helped her play a swing beat with the whole band. Ha. True.

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