Quartet at Central Park

August 24.

Today marked 2 special occasions….my last lesson with the great flute teacher Keith Underwood, and, my last day jamming in Central Park.

Was particularly inspiring studying with Keith again, I had almost forgotteni how open he was to ALL things music, he constantly referring to classical players, jazz players, Cuban players, brass players etc.

Anyways lots learned, lots to practice.

Pic of Keith and I attached.

Headed straight to “the mall” in Central Park to play in the Seth Myers trio led by…….Seth Myers, also included myself and Mark Lockett. We had a good thing going, our trio was highly interactive and tight.

Today was an auspicious day as it was the first day that we had a demo CD available. People often asked if we had a cd….. So we made one.

Recorded in Seth’s apartment, came out very well. A great representation of our trio.

Much credit to Seth, his recording skills, mixing and editing skills, and design skills.

Was a great opportunity to play so often in the park over the summer, helped hone my jazz chops. Many memorable moments…..like today when Mark sat a 3/4 year old girl on the drum stool and helped her play a swing beat with the whole band. Ha. True.


Jamming in Central Park with dancer

30 July.

Greet session of jamming today in Central Park. It’s such a beautiful spot to unwind from the stresses of NYC life.

So much fun playing with Seth Myers & Mark Lockett. It’s amazing how quickly a musicians skills develop when you play jazz everyday. New tunes to learn and the reluctance of New Yorkers to use charts helps develop those skills even more quickly.

Highlights today would have to be the young gorgeous woman who let Seth the bass player to a puff on her joint whilst he was doing a bass solo. She actually held it for him!

Also have to mention the young couple who were swing dancing to a few of our tunes.

Walked passed a concert in an amphitheatre in Central Park on the way home.

Great day. Lots of fun. Playing improving.




Jamming in Central Park

Mid July.

Met a wonderful, friendly, chilled out bass player here in New York, Seth Meyers.

Mark Lockett, Seth and I hit it off.

After mark got his newly a whites fully portable drum set, we were all set to have a few jams.

What better place than Central Park. A beautiful Sunny Sunday.

Lots of fun had by all.
I found the locals extremely appreciative of the live jazz, perhaps that’s because New York is the home of jazz. Anyways, as a jazz artist I feel welcomed.

Must mention the random guy that asked if he could jam with us….he was feeling down on his luck, and wanted some positive vibes.

“What do you play?”
“Oh, I’ve got an alto clarinet in my backpack!!!” (What are the odds on that)

Anyway included a pic….

Happy Times.









Paul Van Ross Jamming at “Smalls” with Roy Hargrove & Quincy Phillips

Headed down to the infamous jazz club on New York City called “Smalls”.

Listened to One set played by Carlos Abadie and his friends then the jam session began….

No shortage of players wanting to jam…..I was keen to I obey etiquette and not tread on any toes.

Eventually I managed to play a few tunes….and was privileged to be on stage with the great Roy Hargrove on flugelhorn and his drummer Quincy Phillips.

Wahoo….. What a great night.





New York trip – Paul Van Ross jamming @ Washington Sq park

Ok. So I’m in NYC for some further study on saxophone, flute and all things music. It’s 4th of July….. Where do you go…..on a 35 degree day…..
Washington square park of course. Where some of the local musicians are busking/jamming playing Coltrane tunes.

Sax player sound just like Trane in this chordless trio.
After their set, they start packing up (after being here for 4 hours already) …. The interchange bass player turns up late, keen to play. So the sax player has to go, but invites me to grab my horn.

So, myself and Seth Myers (bass) do an hour an half set of standards to a very appreciative audience in the sweltering heat.

What a wonderful start to my stay in NYC, soaking up all things music.

Thanks New York