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Mi Alma Cubana – My Cuban Soul

Title : Mi Alma Cubana - My Cuban Soul
Release Date : October 1, 2014
Format : CD

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Recorded in CUBA with some of Cuba’s greatest musicians @ EGREM, the same studio by the famed Buena Vista Social Club Album.




Paul Van Ross – tenor sax & flute
Changuito (José Luis Quintana) – timbales
Yoraldy Abreu Robles – conga, shekere, shaker, guiro
Alejandro Falcon – piano
Jorge Aragon – piano (tracks 3 & 5)
Gaston Joya Perellada – double bass
Oliver Valdes – drum set

I’ll never forget the first time I played with a Latin band. The energy, drive, dancers, rhythms, and being surrounded by percussion made it such a memorable experience. I never thought that years later I would be playing with some of the best Latin musicians in the world.
Working with these elite Cuban musicians was an immense pleasure and a dream come true. The weeks I spent with them were filled with fun, jokes, masterful technique, musicality, mutual respect and a wealth of experience. They made me feel completely welcome, like one of their own. They loved playing these compositions, breathed new life into them, and most of all they helped me find My Cuban Soul.

All compositions by Paul Van Ross except La Negra Tomasa by Guillermo Rodriguez Fiffe.

Produced by Paul Van Ross.

Recorded by Alejandro Pulido Vilaseca & Roberto Hernandez Infante at EGREM studios, Havana, Cuba on 5th & 6th September, 2013.

Mixed by Tristan Ludowyk
Mastered by Michael Lazarus of LatinMusicMastering.com
Produced by Paul Van Ross
Cover Photo by Michael Teo
Makeup by Ollie Savage

Copyright © 2017 Paul Van Ross