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The Buck Stops Here

Title : The Buck Stops Here
Release Date : January 5, 2013
Format : CD

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“Hard, fast and exciting playing…with great ideas…that’s what I like about Paul Van Ross and his music…check him out” – George Garzone.


[mp3j track=”The Buck Stops Here@www.paulvanross.com/audio/buck/buck.mp3″ flip=”y”] [mp3j track=”Swami in da House@www.paulvanross.com/audio/buck/swami.mp3″ flip=”y”] [mp3j track=”Blue Rendezvous with Three Turks@www.paulvanross.com/audio/buck/blue.mp3″ flip=”y”] [mp3j track=”Someone Somewhere Sometime@www.paulvanross.com/audio/buck/someone.mp3″ flip=”y”] [mp3j track=”Uncle DJ@www.paulvanross.com/audio/buck/uncle.mp3″ flip=”y”] [mp3j track=”Hacienda de la Salsa@www.paulvanross.com/audio/buck/hacienda.mp3″ flip=”y”] [mp3j track=”The Goat Herder@www.paulvanross.com/audio/buck/goat.mp3″ flip=”y”] [mp3j track=”Off with the Faires@www.paulvanross.com/audio/buck/fairies.mp3″ flip=”y”]

Paul Van Ross – saxophones
Kim Kelaart – hammond B3 organ
Craig Fermanis – guitar
Hugh Stuckey – guitar
Mark Lockett – drums


Music is my passion. I love the musical conversation and the process of evolution that music takes, especially through live performance. My compositions are largely inspired by a wonderful mix of life experiences that have been influenced by friends, family, musicians and emotions. An exposure to a vast array of musical genres is evident here, creating a musical melting pot; a merger of music that I love.

On this CD I have collaborated with my favourite musicians, musicians who exude a unique energy whilst performing live original music. So, join me on the ride ‘cause we’re going to an incredibly special place.

Enjoy The Buck Stops Here.


The Buck Stops Here – T’was written on a plaque on my uncle’s desk.

Swami in Da House – For my unique friend Michael, whom I call ‘The Swami’, due to his daily two hour yoga ritual.

Blue Rendezvous with Three Turks – A play on words with Dave Brubeck’s ‘Blue Rondo A La Turk’. Dedicated to three beautiful Turkish friends I met whilst studying Aikido in Japan.

Someone Somewhere Sometime – A phrase coined by my buddy Mark that describes how vague I can be in responding to questions.

Uncle DJ – For my Uncle David, whom I wish could have heard this.

Hacienda de la Salsa – A Cha Cha Cha titled ‘The House of Salsa’ (ha ha) dedicated to the beautiful Christina Monneron and the unforgettable Cuban Dance Academy family.

The Goat Herder – Dedicated to Mark, who lives in a city townhouse and phoned one day to say “Hey, I forgot to tell you bro…..I own a goat”.

Off with the Fairies – Based on the chord progression to the great Sam Rivers piece ‘Beatrice’. For a friend who is fascinated with fairies.



Paul Van Ross
A graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts, Paul currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. A talented woodwind specialist, he has been performing and teaching for over 20 years on saxophone, flute and clarinet. He studied in New York with some of the world’s leading teachers and musicians, including George Garzone, George Coleman, Barry Harris, Dave Valentin, Andrew Sterman, Rob Schepps, Lawrence Feldman, Keith Underwood and Helen Campo. In Australia, he was fortunate to study with Fred Hosking, Tony Hicks, Mark Franklin, Ann Cecil, Ian Chaplin and Jamie Oehlers. In recent years Paul pursued flute studies in Cuba, and has toured and performed extensively in many parts the world.

Kim Kelaart
Kim has played piano since the age of three. As a teenager he took up electric bass and started gigging around Geelong (Victoria, Australia) and the surrounding areas, but after spending many years touring and recording (for artists such as Kate Ceberano, Human Nature, The John Dallimore band, Mr. Freedom X, Jet Girl and Cosmic Love Bus), he gravitated to the Hammond organ. He has arranged music for film and theatre (including the popular Australian TV series “Saddle Club” and for Katie Underwood), and is a much sought after session musician (recently recording with legendary saxophonist, Dave Liebman).

Hugh Stuckey
Born and raised near the small town of Rendelsham in southeastern South Australia, Hugh began playing guitar at age five. He spent his formative years at Adelaide’s Elder Conservatorium, where he won a James Morrison Scholarship as well as taking out the Conservatorium’s award for most outstanding undergraduate. This led him to travel to New York in early 2006 to study with John Abercrombie and Ben Monder. In 2007, Hugh was awarded third place in the National Jazz Awards competition for jazz instrumentalists. Since relocating to Melbourne in 2008 and completing a Bachelor of Music (Honours) at the Victorian College of the Arts, Hugh has been part of Melbourne’s busy music scene. He leads his own group, the Hugh Stuckey Trio, as well as performing and recording with some of Australia’s finest jazz musicians.

Mark Lockett
Born in Wellington, Mark currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. He graduated from Massey University in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree in Jazz performance, and has studied with international performers and educators such as Joe Morello, Ari Hoenig, John Riley, Jim Black, Henry Cole, Graham Morgan, Andrew Gander and Roger Sellers. A talented drummer who leads two bands (Mark Lockett Trio, and Mark Lockett and Friends), Mark has regular guest artists performing with him, including Michelle Nicole, Emma Gilmartin, Alison Wedding, Geoff Hughes, Tim Stevens, Mark Fitzgibbon and Jamie Oehlers (winner of the 2003 Montreux Jazz festival saxophone competition). He has released several of his own albums including SNEAKING OUT AFTER MIDNIGHT with New York heavyweights Joel Frahm and Orlando Le Fleming (released on Rattle Jazz).

Craig Fermanis
Craig has played guitar for 30 years, professionally for 20. He studied with Doug de Vries in Australia, and with Jim Hall and John Abercrombie in New York, and has performed with James Morrison, Barney McAll, Wycliffe Gordon, Jamie Oehlers, Paul Williamson’s Hammond Combo, Nichaud Fitzgibbon, Allan Browne, Mark Fitzgibbon, Michelle Nicolle, and countless others. He leads his own trio, whose debut “CD Machines” was rated the third best Australian jazz release of 2002 by allaboutjazz.com. He was a finalist in the 1989 James Morrison Jazz Scholarship, and made the top ten in the 2000 Wangaratta Jazz Guitar Competition. He has toured Europe 11 times, and played on over 50 CD recordings.

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